32940 Maryland Line Road

PO Box 158

Massey MD 21650

St. Clement's Church

Established 1855

Mark Hansen, MDiv, PhD - Lay Pastor

Tel: 410-928-5051

Email: mark@saintclements.org

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32940 Maryland Line Road

Massey MD 21650

Sunday Worship in Church: 10 am

Alternating Holy Communion and Morning Prayer

Spanish Services: 12:30 pm

Este domingo / This Sunday

February 2 de febrero

Candlemas / Candelaria

10:00 am - Holy Communion, Rite I

(from the reserve)

12:30 pm - Bendición de las velas

y otras posibilidades a anunciarse

A bilingual community

committed to Christian unity

"One day at a time"

Every Monday at 6:30 PM, 

Gettier Parish House